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We are adding a Waiting List Deposit: 

This will require a $200 non refundable deposit to put you on our waiting list

Also we will require your full name, your full address and your phone # to be put on our waiting list 

This deposit will be included in your new puppies 1/2 down non refundable deposit. We have added this for the people that say they want a new puppy and then back out when the new puppies are here. 

We don't have time to chase down everyone that has had us put them on our list. 

We have given it a lot of thought and we will be raising our prices again:

We have worked very hard to produce these very beautiful dogs. They are smart easy to train, clear genetic lines, Some have more show lines others show / working lines.

Litters from here on out will be more expensive. The cost of the Veterinarian, food, test, shots, care, some crate & Leash training all puppies are usually potting outside when they are picked up. It's all are getting more expensive and while we know that it may be hard for you to justify that, we trust that you will take care of your investment and love them as we have from the day they were born.  


Tri's / Pet -------$1300.00

Merles / BET TRI's.....$1600.00

Puppies w/breeding rights pending owners approval 

Merles / BET / All TRI's ......$2000.00 To $2500.00

If you are interested in one of the puppies that are available right now

 you will need to put a 1/2 down non refundable deposit on the puppy you choose until you get here and pay the balance when you get here. The best way is to talk to us about the payment and pickup of the puppy you choose. Exclusions: are Holly and Stitch's litters they are marked  

ASCA / AKC Reg. Standard

Rumor X Cross


Rumor New Years Eve 2020.jpg
Cross 3yrs old.jpg

ASCA / AKC Reg. Standard

Ginger X Cross

Ginger 3.5yrs. old.jpg
Cross 4 yrs. old.jpg


ASCA / AKC Reg. Standard

ASCA / AKC Reg. Standard

ASCA / AKC Reg. Standard

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