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Older pups and adults are on our Available puppy page.

Note to Buyers: We try hard to guess what the size of the puppies will be when they are adults. We weigh the puppies every week for the first 6 weeks to monitor their size; it gives us an idea of who might be smaller and of course larger. The parents and grandparents sizes also help us guess what size they might be. But it will still be a guess; we cannot guarantee the actual size that your pup will be.


All our puppies will be sold as PETS NO BREEDING RIGHTS unless you inquire about them. If you want BREEDING RIGHTS there is an added fee.



If shipping a puppy in the USA, the puppy and shipping cost must be paid in full before shipping will occur. Shipping charges are $400. which covers air fare, health certificate, veterinary records, shipping crate, puppy food, collar and leash, and mileage to and from the airport. Once the puppy is left at the airport he/she belongs to buyer.  At this time the buyer is responsible for any additional charges or veterinary assistance that may be needed. 

Deposits and Payments:

​​A $200 non refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy until payment is made in full. Puppies must be paid in full before possession of puppy to buyer occurs. We except Local Checks, cashier’s check, money orders, cash, and PayPal. If using PayPal there will be 3% fee on the total.


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