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The Girls

These girls our a part of our families we love them and take care of them, and they do the same for us. 


Standard Females

C4 Rumor Has It


Height:  18"  Weight:  50 lbs.

DOB: 11/19/2015

Clear Genetic panel

IMG_5250 (800x533) copy.jpg
IMG_5257 (800x533) copy.jpg
IMG_0020 (533x800) copy.jpg
IMG_0024 (533x800) copy.jpg

DOB: 7/10/2016

Rumor New Years Eve 2020.jpg

La Vaca NE3D Silver Holly AKC / ASCA

I purchased LaVaca NE3D Silver Holly from Tamie in Texas. She is a Standard and packed with CH. Int.G.CH. Bloodlines and her color is a light silver blue. She is packed with character and we love her here at 3D Aussies. A Big thank you to Tamie for selling us this beautiful dog.

Holly has gotten her full Aussie Genetic Panel and is n/n on all but MDR1 she carries one copy.  She is DNA through ASCA and Double Registered through ASCA / AKC

Height: 20" Weight: 50lbs.

DOB: 10/18/2016

4 Yrs. old here

Holly's Fall pic.2020.jpg

NE3D Ginger Snap


Height: 19"  Weight: 50 lbs.

DOB: 5/14/2018

We are so happy to announce this beautiful new female to our 3D Aussie family. We have named her

NE3D Ginger Snap, she has a very rich liver red and copper coat, with big beautiful double blue eye.  Ginger 

has strong BET bloodlines.

We would like to thank Sue and her family for letting us bring Ginger into our family,

Ginger is from Oklahoma , She has a clear Aussie genetic panel herself and both Sire and Dam also . 

Ginger is Both ASCA  and  AKC Reg. with  very good bloodlines. 

DOB: 5/14/2018

IMG_4309 (600x800).jpg
IMG_4270 (600x800).jpg
IMG_4686 (533x800).jpg
IMG_1475 (533x800) copy.jpg
Ginger 1-2-21.jpg

NE3D Faith Walks With Me


IMG_6697 (533x800) copy.jpg
IMG_6698 (533x800) copy.jpg
IMG_6689 (533x800) copy.jpg
IMG_6699 (533x800) copy.jpg

DOB: 12/18/2018

Height:  19  Weight:  55 lbs.

This is Faith she is now 6Yrs. old

Faith 6yrs. old.jpg

Faith's Dam: Gemfire's Up In Lights


Faith's Sire: ASCA/AKC GEH Calais Carolina Royal Flyer

La Vaca's NE3D Midnight Texas


call name: Dallas

DOB: 3/10/2020

Height : 19 Weight: 45


3 yr. old here

IMG_7102 (800x533) copy.jpg
IMG_7117 (800x533) copy.jpg
IMG_7206 (2) (800x533) copy.jpg
Dallas 2023.jpg
Holly's Dam 2.jpg

Dam: Chavez's Sadie Girl

Holly's Sire 2.jpg

Sire: Bayouland's Royal Pursuit

NE3D Cleopatra Queen Of The Niobrara


Call Name: Cleo

DOB: 8/17/2020

Height: 23  Weight:65  

IMG_0447 (533x800) copy.jpg
IMG_0441 (533x800) copy.jpg
IMG_9244 (533x800) copy.jpg
IMG_9234 (533x800) copy.jpg

2yrs. 2mo. old here

Cleo 2023.jpg
IMG_0569 (800x533) copy.jpg
IMG_0761 (800x533) copy.jpg

Dam: LaVaca NE3D SilverHolly

Sire: Freestyles Duplicate Copy

NE3D Bandanna Anna (Anna)

DOB: 4/19/2021

Height: 20   Weight: 55

1.9 yrs old here

Anna 1.9 yrs old.jpg
IMG_0622 (800x533) copy.jpg

Dam: LaVaca NE3D SilverHolly

IMG_0159 (800x533) copy.jpg

Sire: Freestyles Duplicate Copy

Georgia 1.jpg

ASCA / AKC Reg. Georgia / Retired

Georgia's Genetic test.jpg
Georgia's pedigree.jpg
Sky 5 yrs. old.jpg

Clear Genetic panel

Height:  19"  Weight: 50lbs.

DOB: 5/15/2015

Infintys 3D Blue Sky AKC reg. / Retired

ASCA / AKC Reg. Stitch / Retired

Stitch 17 months old.jpg
Stitch's pedigree.jpg
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