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3D Aussies

The building of K-1 and K-2

The first (6) pictures are from ground zero to completed cement slab and out side shell of Kennel. Built in July 2014

These next (8) pictures are all we got of the completion  of the inside but with the help of a friend he put in the electrial and told us what to do next and here it is.

These pictures are of my DIY project. A deck for the dogs made out of pallets and painted with deck paint to match the kennel. Built in June 2014

This is a pic that I took in July 2014 one yr. after Kennel was built. We still have more to do, but they are all cosmetic.

The building of K-2 from the beging, Started building fall of 2015, pic. up to Sept. 19, 2016

Lucky Rainbow over K-1
Lucky Rainbow over K-2
20151104_094859 (800x450)
20151107_125822 (800x450)
20151107_125854 (800x450)
20151225_125753 (800x450)
20160307_161236 (800x450)
20160402_163939 (800x450) (2)
20160402_164038 (800x450)
20160501_115658 (800x450)
20160413_154450 (450x800)
20160413_154437 (800x450)
20160501_115713 (800x450)
20160501_115752 (800x450)
20160501_115807 (800x450)
20160501_115828 (450x800)
IMG_1165 (800x533)
IMG_1168 (800x533)
IMG_1167 (800x533)
IMG_1441 (800x533)
IMG_1442 (800x533) (2)
IMG_1443 (800x533)
IMG_1675 (800x533)
IMG_0312 (600x800)
IMG_0309 (800x600)
IMG_0310 (800x600)
IMG_0311 (800x600)
City Cycle
Misty Slopes

Changes being made to K-1 in 2018  Remodel changed out the walls from glass board to tin. Added 10 x 10 cement pads out front, 

IMG_4094 (2).JPG
IMG_4092 (2).JPG
IMG_4095 (2).JPG
Kennels 2019.jpg
K-1 2019.jpg
K-1 2019 2.jpg

finished for now 2019

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