Boar Goats 
Coming soon

We have after many yrs. decided to get back into Goats. 
When we had goats back in the 80's and 90's the Boar Goat had not been introduced into the US. yet.
We were raising Dairy Goats we had a mostly a registered herd of Toggenburgs, Saanen, Nubians.
We Sold out of the goats and moved back to Atkinson from western NE. where we had lived for 20yrs. 
We have been raising Australian Shepherds since my Husband passed in 08. 
My Daughter Denise and Son Phillip are partners with me and we decided to be diverse and they urged us into Boar Goats

(Not Dairy Goats No Milking) 
I guess they got their fill of that we would milk 75 hd. of dairy goats and feed all there kids and 400-500 lambs a yr. 
So we now have 14 Commercial Boar Doe's, 1 Commercial Boar Buck, Also a 100% Registered Boar Buck. We will be adding some Registered Doe's as soon as we can find what we want.